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    Anyone called a doctor requires a ton of schooling/practice. To get a doctorate of philosophy, there's the bachelors, the masters, the doctorate, the practicum year, that's 12 years, and the person isn't even licensed at this point.

    Medical Doctors also spend about 12 years, same with vets, or oral surgeons, or whatever...

    Lawyers only spend about 7 or 8 in comparison. Scientists it depends, if they have a doctorate then absolutely.

    Astronauts go through rigorous training as compared to just years of education (not sure if you're adding the training as part of it).

    Politicians don't usually have higher level degrees (i.e. doctorates), it is much more useful for a politician to have experience than it is for them to have an education.

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    It's time to Invest in Yourself.

    Landing in a corporate job may have some good perks with it, and as good as it sounds, some disadvantages outweighs the benefit of being just a number in a large company. Not to mention the promise of stability of your career, progression, and promotions, the inevitable office politics might render you ineffective and an obsolete position.

    Have you heard of the phrase, “ You are only as good as your last performance” When it comes to the company bottom line, the value of everything else drops to zero? The first to go is one of the most important resources in a company, PEOPLE. So your next move is the Freedom to choose.

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    Emeritus Professor - a lifetime in education - most of it supervising, encouraging and reviewing / assessing research at the highest and still learning things to pass on to others when there are at best only a hand full of people understand the latest stuff - and few if any of the others can explain it clearly enough for anyone else to understand it.

    One of those guys made otherwise totally incomprehensible stuff seem clear as a bell and obvious to me.

    Another 5 years or so, and this guy might just make the grade and get there:


    Best wishes - Majikthise.

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    Some students have to hold down a job while in high school in order to help their family's finances. Other students have parents who expect them to be employed. I think that if a high school student can avoid having a job, they should spend their time investing themselves into becoming better candidates for college scholarships (but if they are not going to make a real honest effort, then maybe getting a job is the right thing). If you locate in the US, suggest you this platform -

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