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    Something involving biomedical research? Because thats what I want to do! But it really depends on the person, and I dont think any job is better than another (unless its actually something bad!). We need people to do all kinds of jobs for the world to run properly.

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    Depends on the person. For some unknown reason my father loves his job (he runs several businesses). I on the other hand love working with people. It just depends on what you love.

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    yea sum ppl hve awsum speelng lpl, lke mw! ;)
    (Yeah some people have awsome spelling, like me! ;)

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    Yes, look at my other question, I have 3 to pick from and have no clue what to do.

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    Being the editor of a great community like FunAdvice...
    ...waitaminute...! ;)

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    Yeah I'm still looking to, but most rewarding I think is being a parent

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    I still can't get paid for drinking beer and sitting on the beach.:)

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