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    OK, Worst-case scenario: Imagine a total breakdown of all markets, in a post-civilization scenario where people go back to be medieval farming self supporters. There is no more gas, thus no farther-than-regional trade, no valid currency, no state organization, everything is broken down...
    What job will still be there?

    Doctors will always be needed. Well, no one will ask for a plastic surgeon, but the doc who comes to heal your broken ankle will have a job.
    Midwives will always be needed. And people will always pay one for helping them during birth.
    Families who have a baby coming will pay a midwife. With silver cutlery, with things they harvest in their garden or maybe with helping the midwife to build or repair her own house if the babies dad is a craftsman.

    Other than that, every small town will have an undertaker, a veterinarian, a mason and a carpenter. And a priest.

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    Most things that nurses do could also be done by a family member. So in my total-breakdown-of-civilization scenario, you have no more working cars. So people will not transport the sick and injured to a hospital, but instead put the doctor on horseback and have him ride to the patients home. Where the patients family will then clean, and feed the patient and make sure he takes his medication as ordered. There might still be a few hospitals with nurses, bot not as many as there are now.

    But in a not-so-very-bad-case scenario with a mere recession, a nurse will be a relatively safe job.

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    No joke Annie, I met a woman who had started out doing Mary Kay from the ressession before 2009 and that became her full time job developing a network of other women she signed on under her. When the 2009 unemployment hit...she was well on her way in her earnings and getting her Mary Kay pink car. But she did say starting out is alot of work and establishing a network base of women under you is key to how well you can do.

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