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    Training for working in the field of psychology

    1. Bachelors degree in psychology. - 4 years.
    2. Masters in mental health counseling or marriage and family counseling - 2 years + 1 licensing
    Doctorate in clinical psychology or counseling psychology or a doctor of psychology - 5 years + 1 year internship + 1-2 years to get licensed
    Medical degree - 4 years + 4 years residency + licensing

    Through out the process of grad school and licensing, you are getting on the job training. There's no other way to learn how to do therapy.

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    Licensed psychologists, in virtually every jurisdiction and state in Canada and the U.S., are required to have obtained academic doctoral degrees (typically a PhD or PsyD). These academic programs typically take four to six years of postgraduate work to complete and offer some combination of rigorous training in research, clinical practice, and the science of psychology.

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    There should be, or maybe not. Psychologists are like hypnotists they work better on passive and gullible people. Some of us don't want to fit in with the ever so perverted norm and refuse to be conditioned by social engineering psychologists. They should be replaced with realists!

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