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I don't encourge lying, to a just society!!

Being creative is helpful at times. A great man once said...

"Necissity is above all law"
Thomas Jefferson

I also have a felony conviction (12 years ago), so I know that there are many times where we don't get the job based on that (on paper, sometimes I can't blame them). I want you to remeber something though, you are what you believe yourself to be, I am not A FELON, I have a felony, but I am not a criminal. Who am I? I'll tell you who I am, I stand up to bullies, I have traveled the country and left the country at times. I have started and sold businesses. I have fought injustices. I have made mistakes. I have morals, principlas, dreams, goals, and dam it PEOPLE LIKE ME. I have something to offer! FUCT keeping your head up -- keep your feet moving if you want to get somewhere!

As for the job search, wow, I KNOW!!!...one area that we may be over looking is CREDIT RATING...especially when combine with the conviction history. Now this is a bit of a catch 22, I know - it's hard to maintain good credit without a decent paying job, but life is just that way and we have to coupe with it, the people who care, rarely can help, so it's on you to find a way & make it happen. I can tell you first hand, when your credit score is sub 500, you're in TROUBLE with or w/o a felony even. I reached a 680 at one point and even with felony conviction and a scattered job history, I was able to find good jobs. I'm sub 400 now and the world is very different for me. I won't say lie about you record to get job (I do). It's better to have a chance, than no chance. Since everyone is focused on the felon aspect, I'll spice it up and focus on credit. Here is my sage advice...

1. Get your free annual reports I believe it's annualcreditreport.com - you'll know it's the wrong site if they ask for credit card info. However, to get the actual SCORE there is a small fee, pay it if you can, if not, do what you can with what you have. Once you have you report you'll know where you are at & what others see.
(sub 400 is DEATH ; sub 500 is trouble ; 580 you MIGHT get a home loan through a motgage broke, you MIGHT get a decent car loan through a credit union ; 620 a mortgage broker will get you a home loan, you can get a car ; 650 and you'll get store credit cards ; 680 and you MIGHT get a signiture loans for under $10K ; 700 and you are looking good ; 720 the world is almost yours : 760 the bank offers you back massages LOL)

2.You're online, you may be able to dispute your credit report online depending on what state you're in. If not, look up credit dispute/verification letters and do it by mail. You will send these to TransUnion, Experian & Equfax. Follow the instruction, give a reason why you dispute the credit report accuracy (ie.this account was never late, ect.) This will usally result in several items being removed = score goes up.

3. Dispute inquries if/as unathorized. This will often get those removed = score may go up. Very seldom will any creditor bother to verifiy a credit inquire especially one that was declined.

4. You are allowed to explain poor credit so after everything is removed that can be, get creative (honestly LOL) and explain why you kept those 2 movies, why you hid that car for 2 years and had to use the note money to do it LOL. I'm kidding, don't get that detailed, but if you were divorced, explain it. You are sharing a "hardship letter" and it may help, and it seldom hurts.

5. Buy some credit, I mean a secured credit card.Expect to spend about $100 up front and be billedd $275 for a $300 card. This only helps if you are willing to be worthy of good credit, use it wisely. Don't expect it to be a great deal either, you will be charged high interest and a "through the roof" annual fee. Also increases to your credit line will cost as much or more $$ then you'll get. You are in fact PAYING for a chance to prove your worthy. It takes 2 years to really show, but 6 months of good history will help and there are other factors as well, that make this important. Keep +65% of your credit line limti, availible, for the best results.

6. Ok, so you've removed what you can and started building some good credit, now it's time to pay wha's left. After 7 years whether you pay or not, items should be removed, so start with the newest/cheapest. I mean, if you have a 1 year old debt for $200 and a 6.5 year old debt for $50, pay the $200, the $50 is going to be removed before you pay off everything anyhow - I'd guess - . Now, if you have a 1y $200 and a 3y $50 pay the $50 first, it's not going anywhere & most times it seems that it doesn't matter the amount of the debt, just time, so if you have a 1y $20 and a 1y $400, paying the $20 will do as much good as the $400. Ok, with me so far? Next in this step is that when you are paying off things, contact the creditor and negotiate, offer to pay less, say principal. They will often refuse. Be willing to pay the entire debt ONLY IF THEY REMOVE THIS ITEM FROM YOU CREDIT REPORT...get it in writing!! Don't except "paid in full" or "discharged", unless you have no choice, it's almost as bad as just being unpaid. Be polite, even though they're not, be stern, but don't start a war. Have a hardship reason and show that you are willing to "make it right". Don't be heistant of wishy washy. You have to be realistic so you don't start giving inchs right away, giv'em before you ever call. You first few calls are practice. Be prepared to give up all your contact info before they even talk to you. In your favor...with all the defualts happening, it's our market, they are scrathing for pennies and you have an upper hand, even though they won't say so.

Lastly on this note...do you like it when someone owes you money and doesn't pay? Me neither...you owe, pay up if you can and don't borrow what you can't pay back if possible.

A few more words...
+3 applications a day (leave by 10am or sooner and never stop before 2pm)
+2 phone calls a day (open the phonebook & start calling & asking if their hiring)
+1 Walk-In (if you see a sign in the window, you have a good shot at a job, they are in need. Also, if it's mom and pops and they like you, they see no need to run a check with a cost of $20-$100+)
+1 read a self improvement book a month
()() Never except that "it's god's will" your gift is FREE WILL, use it or you deserv e nothing!!

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